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Stage 1: Initial Application

Initial Application

Looking to file for Social Security Disability? This difficult initial process requires collecting and assessing all of your medical evidence and supporting documentation, and filing these documents along with the many required Social Security Administration (SSA) forms within strict deadlines. The process takes between 90-120 days to complete, and on average only 30% of cases are approved at this first stage.

At DSA, we make this overwhelming process easy for you. We will meet with you for a short period, then we go to work — gathering and evaluating all of your required medical information, filling out the appropriate forms, and filing your application with the SSA. And as always, this entire process is completely free unless you win your claim.

If your initial application is denied for any reason, rest assured that we will file your reconsideration and will work tirelessly to ensure you have the best chance of a successful appeal.

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